Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes


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Memorial Page

This page is dedicated to those Brothers of the Province who have passed to the Grand Lodge above.

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17-1-1949  -  16-3-2009

Bro Del was late coming to the Order.  He joined the RAOB Club Gosport in 1994 as the resident DJ.  He soon became a firm favourite in the Club and he soon became interested in joining those men who disappeared upstairs for an hour or two. So on 6th June 1995 he was Initiated into the Sir Harry Crisp Lodge No 2258 in the Gosport & District Province.  

He became a popular member of the Lodge and Order and soon affiliated to other Lodges in the Gosport Province.  As the resident DJ he organised many events to support the PGPs' Appeals and was responsible for raising a great deal of funds.

In 1997 he was Inducted to the 2nd Degree to which I had the priviledge to attend.  In 2000 he was Installed to the 3rd Degree at which I had the honour of being one of his Sponsors.  In 2006 he was Exalted to the 4th Degree and again I was honoured to be one of his Sponsors.  In 2006 he was also the President of Gosport & District Knight's Chapter No 96.

After many visits to the Central Hotel in Corwen and the Berwyn Lodge, in 2006 he was made an Affiliated Member of the Lodge and he attended both Knight's Chapter and ROH Assembly when he was up on holiday.

Bro Del passed away on 16th March 2009 after a very short illness and is survived by his wife Tracey.

A Brother who always had a smile for all those he met.  A devoted Buff and a devoted husband.  He will be sadly missed by all who met and knew him and will be a great loss to the Order.


Keiran Robson ROH

Provincial Grand Primo

Wrexham & District Province 2008.

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13-8-1924  -  6-9-2009

Bro George was initiated into the Black Diamond Lodge No 3089 of the Chester Province on 24th November 1964.  He soon proved himself a good and worthy Brother and the Lodge Inducted him as a Certified Primo on 11th November 1965.  He became a delegate for his Mother Lodge to the Provincial Grand Lodge of the Chester Province.  After serving his time as a Certified Primo he was Installed to Knight of the Order of Merit on 16th September 1969.  By this time Bro George had joined the Glynne Lodge No 7841 where he became the City Treasurer.  On 18th November 1975 he received the high honour of being Exalted to the Roll of Honour.  All these honours were bestowed on him by his Mother Lodge.

A staunch member of the Wrexham & District Provincial Grand Lodge when his work allowed.  He did not take a collar until his retirement in the early 1980's.  He was elected to the Chief Office of Provincial Grand Primo in 1985 and in the same year became the President of the Roll of Honour Assembly No 150, a section he had been an active supporter since it's opening in 1983.  The following year he became President of the Examining Council and in 1995 he was elected to the President of the Knight's Chapter No 86.

He became a founder member of the Whitegates Lodge No 10424 in 1986 where he was again a staunch supporter.  He was the City Treasurer until illness curtailed his Buffalo activities.

Bro George passed away peacefully after a long illness on 6th September 2009.  

A strong and active member of the Order Bro George will be sadly missed by all the Brothers of the Whitegates Lodge and the Wrexham & District Province.




21-08-1916   -   26-12-2009


Bro John Trevor Rogers was known affectionately in the Province as 'Blackpool Jack'.  He was initiated into the Festival Lodge No 8346 on 4th May 1962.  He became a stalwart member of the Lodge and he was Inducted into the Second Degree on 28th June 1963.  

He became and active member of the Provincial Grand Lodge and on 21st October 1966 he was Installed to the Third Degree of Knight of the Order of Merit.  Again his career in the Buffs excelled and 19th May 1972 he was Exalted to the Roll of Honour a special year for him.

As an active member of the Provincial Grand Lodge, Bro Jack was elected to the high office of Provincial Grand Primo in 1972 which was also the year he was Exalted to the Fourth Degree.  He was President of Examining Council in 1967 and in 1976 he was elected as President of Knight's Chapter No 86.

Bro Jack was an excellent and Worthy Brother and was well liked not only in the Festival Lodge but in the Province as a whole.  He was always ready with a joke and rarely seen without a smile.

Bro Jack's health deteriorated over the past few years and his Buffalo career was severely curtailed (as he said Waiting for Cluttons!).

Bro Jack passed away peacefully on 26th December 2009.  He will be sadly missed by all in the Province.  Our thoughts go out to all the family.