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PGP'Appeal 2009

This project was started to teach the children, who attend the Llay Schools, about gardening.


There is a small piece of land within the School grounds that is tendered and looked after by the children of the School.  This is always being developed to enable different types of crops growing.  Currently there is a new path being laid in order to improve access for the project.


This project enables the children to become interested in gardening and teach them the value of and how to grow their own vegetables.  In time, it would also teach the child how to look after and care for their own property and give them experience of looking after something belonging to themselves.


The produce grown on the land is used to raise funds for the School.

Llay Park Schools Gardening Project

Street Pastors Wrexham

Feeding the Roofless

Llay Park Schools Gardening Project.

Feeding the Roofless.

Feeding the Roofless was initiated by Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in 2005.  Supported by Mission Wrexham there were five churches involved at the beginning and the stated aim was for YWAM to catalyse the start of this venture and then withdraw to allow local churches to continue to provide the service themselves.  This has now happened and at present there are seven churches actively involved in the provision of food, with practical and financial support offered by a number of other churches in and around Wrexham.


Sandwiches and fruit are provided by the volunteers but some non perishable food and drink (biscuits, tea, coffee) are donated by local supermarkets.Through the Salvation Army of volunteers, the boxes are provisioned and equiped after each weekend use.


There are at present about 80 volunteers who give up their time in this worthwhile venture.

Street Pastors Wrexham

Street Pastors is an inter-denominational Church response to urban problems where trained Christian volunteers engage with people on the streets to care, listen and offer practical help and advice.  The scheme was first launched in 2003 by the Ascension Trust in London, to combat the gun and gang culture.  The initiative was so successful it has now increased to over 70 locations across the UK.


Street Pastors works through the ongoing partnership between the Church, the local Police and the local Authority and this is called THE URBAN TRINITY.  The volunteers are trained by a number of agencies and the initial training takes place over 12 sessions, with additional training following as and when required.


Wrexham Street Pastors was launched in April 2006 with 13 volunteers.  They currently have 29 volunteers.  This initiative was the first of its type in Wales and has been so successful, it has been accepted and appreciated as part of the regular nightime activity within the area.


The scheme operates each Friday night operating in the Town Centre from 10pm to 3am and once a month on a Saturday night.  The team consists of 4 members with an identified Team Leader and they patrol in pairs.  The co-ordinators try to ensure there is a mix of ages. churches and gender.

John Birch

Provincial Grand Primo


Bro John Birch KOM

Amount Raised


£541 for each Charity

12F 134

PGP 2009 Bro John Birch KOM presenting cheques to the Street Pastors and Llay Parks School.