Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes


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PGP'Appeal 2010


Provincial Grand Primo


Bro Robert Bowler KOM


This year as PGP of Wrexham Province I would like to raise the awareness and funds for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.  This is quite a new Charity, formed at Crufts Dog Show in 1982 and since then 1500 hearing dogs approximately have been placed with their new owners.  Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal became Patron of the Charity in 1992 and has played an important role in raising the awareness of the Charity.


The goal of the Charity is simple.  It is to offer greater independence, confidence and security to Deaf People by providing Dogs trained to alert them to every day sounds.  These items include sounds such as Alarm Clocks, Telephone, Door Bell and Smoke Alarms to name a few.  Sounds that hearing people take for granted even to such as someone calling your name.  Also with their Burgundy Coats it makes previously hidden disability visible.


What will our money achieve ?  To be quite honest, we would not be able to raise enough money to train a Hearing Dog as this costs thousands of pounds.  However our money can achieve something which is very often overlooked and without it we couldn't train any dogs, and that is the kennelling costs for about 5 or 6 dogs for one year.


So how much are we looking at ?  I am hoping that we would raise one thousand pounds £1000.  I am aware that the recession is taking a grip in our area at the moment and to raise this amount would be an achievement.  I am sure I will have the support of the Brothers in all the Lodges of the Province and I shall also be looking forward to relieving other Brothers of a qiud or two when I next see them on my travels.


I wish to thank you all in advance.


Bro Robert 'Bob' Bowler KOM

Provincial Grand Primo 2010

Wrexham & District Province.


Total amount raised ------


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Mrs Nan Henry's Hearing Dog BORIS

Bro Bob presenting the Cheque to Mrs Nan Henry Area Co-ordinator Hearing Dogs for the Deaf.